Sarah Kläpp (1987) is a swedish artist, illustrator and graphic novelist. She lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

Completed her education at Serieskolan (School of Sequeantial Art) in Malmö in 2011 and her works have since been shown in solo exhibitions in Sweden and also in group exhibitions of selected artists and graphic novelists in Sweden and internationally. Her sequential art, graphic novels and illustrations are published in anthologies and books, including her graphic novel “What We Knew” (2015) and her picture book “Ichabod Kvick and Järnbläckfisken” (2012). She has been awarded grants from Författarfonden and Konstnärsnämnden for her sequential art and work as an artist.

Sarah often works with drawing as the basis for her artistic works. Her drawings are characterized by the use of the ink to express unandorned sprawling lines and brooding black ink, an intersection between playfulness and discomfort. Small repetitive lines and details contrast and almost protest the empty surfaces of Kläpp’s drawings. This Horror Vacui with its quest to fill, control and define the blank spaces is an invitation to the viewer to carefully explore and approach the drawing.

This is how she expresses herself about her artistry and about drawing: “Ink lines can’t be hidden or changed. Behind their immediate emotional expression hides an intensive and controlled work process. In this borderland on the knife edge between the neurotically controlled and the subconscious my imagery is born.

In my artistry, I don’t generally seek to express or communicate a specific image or idea, or seek an understanding between myself and the viewer. The artwork is an exorcism, feelings rediscovered in a new physical form of ink and paper. I want my work to be a selfish experience, both for me as an artist and for the viewer. To allow the viewer to find her own meaning on the basis of herself and not from me. ”



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What We Knew

Graphic Novel, 2015

Published by C'est Bon Kultur

Ichabod Kvick och järnbläckfisken

Illustrated children's book, 2012

Published by Söderström/Schildt

En resa i rymden - Den röda planeten

Public Art, 2013

Commissioned by Kalmar Municipalitiy


Sveriges Författarfond

Arbetstipendium / 2016



Arbetstipendium / 2014


Malmö stad

Stipendium för konstnärlig utveckling / 2013


Malmö kommun

Atlejestipendium / 2012


Sveriges Författarfond

Resestipendium / 2011



Workshops / Classes / Lectures

8 years of experience


Experienced art teacher in among others Life Drawing, Portrait Drawing, Painting, Drawing and Writing Comics and Illustrating and Writing Children's Books.


  • Workshops in Graphic Novels/Comics and Children's Book Illustrations
  • Lecturer Sequential Art

Latest Solo Exhibitions

Upcoming / Galleri Italienska Palatset

Växsjö / Sweden / 2018

Galleri Konsten

Helsingborg / Sweden / 2018



Bergkvara Konsthall

Bergkvara / Sweden / 2018




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Address: Zenithgatan 2 212 14 Malmö Sweden

Email: hello@sarahklapp.com

Phone: +46768 53 71 19

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I am available for exhibitions, art, illustration and comic commissions and design work. If you’re interested in working together please don’t hesitate to contact me about your project or with any questions!